A unique initiative to transform the tiny island of Kumbalangi into a model fishing village and tourism spot. It is the first of its kind in India and is located in Kochi. It is blessed with many natural wonders and the people who visits are treated to many a rare treat.

This hamlet provides a close glimpse of the simple lifestyle of villagers who still live by traditions that have been passed down for centuries. Kumbalangi a beautiful village situated in the western part of Kerala is the first Eco-friendly tourist village in India. It’s a fine example of how natural resources should be used for tourism without destroying the environment. Kumbalangy is a responsible tourism village.

The main attraction is that the tourists can involve themselves in the works of the villagers, some of which are fishing, farming and coir making. Fishing is the main job of the villagers.

Kumbalangi is surrounded by backwaters, Mangroves, Chinese Fishing Nets cover the island and the village boasts of rich aquatic life. An array of mangroves separate land from water and provide for a good breeding ground for prawns, crabs, oysters and small fish. Bait-fishing is extremely popular among tourists here. Apart from traditional fishing, fishing is also accomplished with the Chinese fishing net.

Many houses in the village are homestays and visitors can book their stay directly with homestay operators.

Learn traditional livelihood

Aimed at providing authentic information about livelihood of local men, the village provides live demonstrations of several tasks like coconut husking, basket making, pottery and rope making. It really amazes one to see the dexterity with which the local women weave coconut leaves used for thatching roofs.

Cruise on country boats

Magnificent backwaters surrounding the island village from all sides provides ample scope for boat rides. The traditional wooden country boats are best to get an old world feel. Sometimes boatmen also double up as fishing guides. With tranquil waters and lazy winds to soothe your mind, you will feel perfectly at home.

Visit Kalagramam

Kalagramam, in other words, village of arts, is another attraction of Kumbalangi. The artists’ village showcases fishing equipment and handicrafts made of wood. As Kerala handicraft has claimed attention from tourists all over the globe, Kalagramam is worth a visit.

Fishing and Chinese nets

Being essentially a fishing village, Kumbalangi offers an insight into the lives of local fishermen. Picture-perfect quaint charm of Chinese fishing nets of the area are beyond words. It is a spectacular sight watching

these nets scooping up fish in the traditional way. When in Kumbalangi, tourists can even try a hand at bait fishing. Who knows, luck may land a fish or two in your bait.

Touch the golden fiber

Coir or the golden fiber is a mandatory part of Kerala culture. Rope making in the ancient manner starting from soaking of coconut husk to the final stage where coir magically comes out of the loom is really worth learning.

Pamper your taste buds

A delectable Kerala cuisine is an invariable part of the trip to Kumbalangi. Authentic sea foods are arranged for tourists. Do you happen to be wary of overload of spices in Kerala food? In Kumbalangi there is no cause for worry.  The dishes have spices toned down so as not to irritate the taste buds of guests. Delicacies made of shrimp and prawn obtained locally have found many admirers. Enjoy a sumptuous meal with a sip of tender coconut, all in the rustic ambiance.

” Kumbalanghi in Kerala to be officially recognised as a Responsible Tourism Destination and recognised as a sustainable agriculture village.”

How to reach Kumbalangi

Kumbalangi, being a stone’s throw away from Kochi, the commercial capital of Kerala, is blessed by good connectivity.

By air: Cochin International Airport is 45 kms away from Kumbalangi. As Kochi is well connected by air to all major cities in India and abroad, this would be the best way to travel.

By train: Ernakulam junction, the nearest railway station, is just 12 kms from Kumbalangi. Trains are best for those wishing to capture a slice of common man’s life.

By road: From Kochi, hop on to any bus leading to Kumbalangi and you are there in 25 minutes.