Serviced Villas

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Department of Tourism has introduced a new scheme that will increase accommodation options in the State. The scheme known as ‘Serviced Villas’ aims to provide comfortable stay facilities of standardized high quality to tourists and supplement the availability of accommodation in various tourist destinations. Apart from providing a clean and affordable place of stay for tourists, the villas will offer a never before opportunity to experience authentic Kerala at its best. If you have an independent, furnished and well-maintained home, here’s your opportunity to be part of this one-of-a-kind owner friendly scheme.

Eligibility for participating in this scheme

  • The Serviced Villa should be an independent, furnished home, preferably built in the traditional Kerala architectural style within the State, making available a minimum of one room and maximum of 6 rooms or 12 beds for guests.
  • A well-equipped kitchen with a cook who is well-versed in the Kerala cuisine.
  • A qualified person who is able to communicate in English and be of help to the guests.
  • The establishment should abide by the terms and conditions constituted by the Government and should fulfil the requirements envisaged in the checklist.

Approval committee for Serviced Villas

Department of Tourism will approve the establishment in accordance with the facilities provided. The approval committee should comprise of:
District Panchayat President Chairman
Additional Director/Joint Director, Department of Tourism Convenor
Secretary, DTPC Member
District Officer, Dept. of Tourism Member
Representative of Food Craft Institute Member
Representative of the Local Body in which the unit is situated Member
An apex committee consisting of the following will oversee the implementation of the scheme, to monitor the progress and to intervene if necessary.
Secretary-Tourism Chairman
Director-Tourism Convenor
Director- KITTS Member
Representative of KHRA Member
Representative of IATO Member

Fee for approval / renewal of Serviced Villas

The fee for approval or renewal of Serviced Villa is Rs. 3,500/-

Terms and conditions for approval / renewal 

Approval will be issued only for an operational Serviced Villa, which satisfies the eligibility criteria stated below:

  • Approval or renewal will be done by the classification committee and by an on-site evaluation of the facilities and services.
  • The chairman and any 3 members of the committee will constitute the quorum.
  • All cases of approval would be finalised within 2 months from the date of receipt of the application, provided the application is complete in all respects.
  • Once a unit applies for approval, it should be ready for inspection by the committee at any time without prior notice. No request for deferment will be entertained.
  • Approval will be valid for 3 years from the date of issue of the certificate, or in case of renewal, from the date of expiry of the last approval, provided the application has been received at least three months before the expiry of the last approval.
  • All applications for approval / renewal must be complete in all respects including the formal application form, fee for approval / renewal, prescribed clearances, certificates, NOCs, checklist etc. An incomplete application is liable to be rejected.
  • The fee for approval / renewal should be paid by way of Demand Draft in favour of “Director, Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala”, payable at Thiruvananthapuram. The fee is not refundable in case of rejection of approval / renewal.
  • In case of rejection by the Approval Committee, a unit may appeal to the apex committee, which is chaired by Secretary-Tourism, within 30 days from the date of receipt of the communication regarding a final decision on approval / renewal.
  • Approved units are expected to invariably maintain required standards at all times. The Approval Committee could inspect the unit at any time without prior notice. Any deficiencies will be reported to the Department of Tourism which is free to take any action including cancellation of approval.
  • Any deficiencies pointed out by the committee will have to be complied within the stipulated time. Failure to do so will result in rejection of the application.
  • Any changes in facilities available in the unit shall be reported to the Convenor of the Approval Committee through the District Officer, Department of Tourism within 30 days.
  • Due preference will be accorded to units which are able to provide the Kerala experience by way of construction, decor and authentic Kerala cuisine.
  • The rate for taxes of property, electricity and water to be paid for approved units will be those prescribed by the appropriate authorities.
  • Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala reserves the right to modify the guidelines / terms and conditions from time to time.

Security parameters to be adopted by the operators

  • All classified units are liable to file “Form C” with passport details of the guests, to the concerned Police Station while accommodating both foreign and domestic guests. In the case of a domestic guest, a valid photo identification card would suffice in lieu of passport.
  • An Occupation Register should be kept invariably in all the units, in which the following details of both foreign and domestic guests should be recorded.
    1. Name & address
    2. No. of pax
    3. Date and time of check-in
    4. Allotted room no.
    5. Purpose of visit
    6. Nationality
    7. Passport no. / Valid photo-ID card no. and issuing authority
    8. Date and time of check-out
    9. Signature of the guest
  • The above details along with a copy of the identification document should be furnished “online” to the Department of Tourism on a day-to-day basis, marking a copy to the Local Station Officer of Police Department. Along with this, a copy of the identification document should be kept in the property as well.
  • Any instance of non-compliance of these provisions will cause an automatic withdrawal of approval from the Department of Tourism.
  • A security audit should be carried out once in six months by the Police authorities.
  • The responsibility for any kind of misuse of the Serviced Villa scheme will be fixed on the person / company who runs the establishment.

Benefits for Serviced Villa operators

  • Earning additional income other than regular income and sustained employment.
  • Use of Kerala Tourism Brand for marketing.
  • Marketing support from Ministry of Tourism, Government of India.
  • Support from Department of Tourism in capacity building.
  • Service of Investment Support Cell (ISC) in getting loans, technical guidance, marketing guidance etc.

Documents to be submitted along with the application

  • Prescribed application form duly filled in.
  • Proof of ownership / lease of the building.
  • Location plan showing access to the building from the major roads (need not be scale)
  • Plan and elevation of the building.
  • Photographs of the building, including interiors.
  • Police Clearance Certificate from the Local Station House Officer.
  • Necessary licence issued from Local body.
  • Pro forma of acceptance of regulatory conditions.

Checklist of facilities

Sl. No. Facilities / Services / Utensils
1. Well-maintained and well-equipped rooms with quality carpets / area rugs / tiles / marble flooring, furniture, fittings etc., in keeping with traditional lifestyle
2. Sufficient parking facilities with adequate road width
3. Minimum of one guest room and maximum of 6 rooms (12 beds). All rooms should be clean, airy, pest free, without dampness and with outside window / ventilation
4. Minimum floor area in sq. ft. for each room
5. Comfortable bed with good quality linen
6. Attached bathroom with every room along with toiletries
7. Minimum size of the bathroom with toiletries in sq. ft.
8. Western closet toilet with toilet paper
9. 24 hours of running hot and cold water with proper sewage connection
10. Water saving taps / shower
11. 1 bath towel,1 face towel and 1 new soap
12. Cloth hook, sanitary bin and brush
13. Bottled toiletry products, comb, shaving accessories and tooth brush
14. Energy saving lighting
15. Well maintained smoke-free, clean, hygienic, odour free and pest free kitchen
16. Refrigerator
17. Good quality cutlery and crockery in sufficient quantity
18. Clean utensils
19. Food grade equipments and containers
20. Purified drinking water
21. Garbage to be segregated- wet / dry and disposed / treated
22. Air conditioning
23. Iron box with iron board on request
24. Internet facility
25. 15 amp earthed power socket in the guest room
26. Telephone with extension facility in guest rooms
27. Wardrobe with at least 4 cloth hangers in the guest room
28. Shelves or drawer space in the guest room
29. Good quality chairs, working table and other necessary furniture
30. Washing machine / dryers with arrangements for laundry service
31. Refrigerator in guest room
32. A lounge or seating arrangement in the reception area
33. Garbage disposal facilities as per municipal laws
34. Acceptance of cash / cheque / DD
35. Acceptance of credit cards
36. Message facilities for guests
37. Name, address and telephone numbers of Doctors
38. Left Luggage facility
39. Assistance with luggage on request
40. Locker facilities in the guest room
41. Smoke / heat detectors in the house
42. Security guard
43. Service of a qualified cook
44. Service of a qualified room attendant
45. Maintenance of register for guest check-in and check-out including passport details in case of foreign tourists

• M-Mandatory • D-Desirable