Note:The organizers reserve the right to modify the floor plan and dates under circumstances beyond their control.

  1. Standard stall size is 2m x 2m.


Bank Details :
Kerala HATS,
A\c no. 13750200028210,
Federal Bank,
Marine Drive Branch,
IFSC : FDRL0001375
Note:Please provide the payment advice along with the payment

Stall Charges*
1) For HATS Members
• 2m x 2m- Rs 7,500/-
• 3m x 3m - Rs 15,000/-
• Table Space – Rs 5,000/-

2) For Non Members
• 2m x 2m- Rs 15,000/-
• 3m x 3m - Rs 25,000/-

3) For other Travel Trade Organizations and COrporate Organizations (3m x 3m) - Rs 25,000/-

* Please add 12.36% Service Tax

1. RIGHTS: The Organizers reserve all rights in connection with the HOMESTAY AND RURAL TOURISM TRAVEL MEET 2017 .

2. Terms of Reference & Definitions: In these Rules and Regulations the term "Exhibitor" shall include all owner, partners, directors, employees and agent of any company or individual inclusive of any Government / Semi Government Agency / Corporation - To whom space had been allocated for the purpose of participating. The term Exhibitions shall mean the Exhibition known as the HOMESTAY AND RURAL TOURISM TRAVEL MEET 2017. The term "Organizer" shall mean: The Secretary, Kerala Homestay & Tourism Society (Homes Approved by Dept. of Tourism, Govt. of Kerala) Avittom, 16/239 C, Main Road, Tripunithura - 682 301, Ernakulam, Kerala. The term "Rules and Regulations" means the Rules and Regulations hereinafter contained. The term "Application" means the contract for space at the Exhibition entered into between the Organizers and Exhibitor which incorporates the Rules and Regulations.

3. BUILT UP STALL (Shell Type): The Built-up stall will be constructed of Octonorm system with height 8 feet, having white panels. You will be provided with the following furniture and fittings as part of 01 standard stall 1 table, 2 chairs, 2 spot lights, carpeted flooring. The built-up stall contractors will put up the Exhibitor's name and stall number on the fascia board.

4. Possession of Built up Stalls: Built up stall exhibitors can commence moving-in-their Materials and setting up their stalls on 14th September 2017 after 2 pm for setting up their stalls.

5. Stall Construction work has to be completed by 12 noon on 14th September 2017.

6. Stall Alteration: (a) No alternation to the size or position of an exhibitor's stall is permitted without the prior written approval of the organizer. (b) The Organizer reserves the right to modify the floor plan of the stall layout and the pathways. (c) The organizer reserve the right to request Exhibitors to make such alternations to their stalls, or to the shifting of exhibits, as they reasonably feel, if deemed necessary to other exhibitors. (d) Conversion of an allocated built up stall to raw space type is not permitted. (e) Usage of nails, pins, screws or any such material to the panel wall of the built up stall is not allowed.

7. Equipment interference: No equipment can be operated which emits excessive noise or causes electrical interference or annoyance to other exhibitors. In this matter, the decision of the organizers will be final.

8. Electrical Installation: All on-site electrical installations MUST be carried out by the official appointed Electrical Contractor. All prefabricated electrical fittings will be subject to an inspection by the official contractor before connecting to the mains supply.

9. Damage to Exhibitors Area: Exhibitors are required to indemnify the organizer against any claim made against them in respect of damage to Exhibition Halls, Structure or property caused by exhibitors stall decor, exhibits or staff or by agents acting on an Exhibitor's behalf.

10. Flammable Materials: All materials used in the construction stall and displays are to be fully fire proofed and should comply with all other local regulations. The exhibitors will ensure that no hazardous chemicals, gases, firearms are kept in the stalls.

11. Security: Although strict security arrangements will be provided at the exhibitions venue, exhibitors are requested to have their equipment and other personal belongings properly insured & taken care of The Organisers are not responsible for any loss of exhibitor property during the Exhibition.

12. Insurance and indemnity: a) Third party Claims: The Exhibitors is responsible for all personal injury or damage to property or personnel arising in connection with the erection, dismantling and overall participation in HOMESTAY AND RURAL TOURISM TRAVEL MEET 2017. The Exhibitors must take out adequate insurance in respect of all such claims. b) Consequential Loss: Exhibitors are advised to insure against costs and losses which they may incur in the event of the exhibition being abandoned, cancelled or suspended in a whole or in part for causes not within the organizers control. The organizer accepts no liability in such an eventuality.

13. Removal of Exhibits: Exhibitor is allowed to remove the exhibits from the stall only after official closure of the exhibition on 17th September 2017. Goods can be taken out of the venue only after submitting exit pass issued by the organizers. The work of removing the exhibits from the venue must be completed before 1 pm on 18th September 2017.

14. Application for participation has to be submitted to Kerala Homestay & Tourism Society along with 100% participation charges. Participation will be accepted and stalls allotted on first-come-first served basis. No refunds will be made on cancellation or reduction of stall space. All exhibits are subject to a general lien in favour of the Organizer for unpaid stall charges or otherwise, due from an Exhibitor to the Organizer.

15. Stall Alterations: You may be allocated a different location and the size and dimensions of the reserved space may be changed, entrance, exits and gangways may be relocated and structural alterations may be made even after your stall has been confirmed, if special circumstances make this necessary. If the time or venue of the exhibitions has to be changed for substantial reasons, your application will be considered valid for the new dates and conditions.

16. Jurisdiction: Any dispute between the organizers/ agents and an exhibitor is subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Ernakulam.

17. Acceptance of Rules: The very fact that an Exhibitor participates in the Exhibition as an Exhibitor, it will be presumed without any dispute that he / she, his / her company or Organization has read the Rules & Regulations formulated by the Organizer and as printed above and irrevocably confirms to abide by them. This is applicable to each and every participant irrespective of the amount or percentage of payment made to the Organizations with complimentary stall. irrespective of the fact if they have signed or not signed the registration form or any other document.

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